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The creator of Fluffy Pones just intended them to be ponies that were fluffy.

But for 4chan? Fluffy pony canon includes this:

1)Fluffy ponies are mentally retarded. They have slow reflexes and are barely able to speak. They are more animals than intelligent human-like ponies like on the show.

2)Fluffy ponies must die. They are solely used for one thing: Gore fiction. Take advantage of their retarded intelligence and kill them in the most amusing bloody way possible. Basically, be the new Hitler when writing fiction with them.

3) Fluffy ponies are completely innocent, they will never be aware of the dark and bloody intentions you have for them and and will love and cuddle you till you bring them to the slaughter.

Fucking 4chan. Just don’t go on /mlp/ fluffy pony threads plz


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