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angstyHoodie OPERATOR
angstyHoodie OPERATOR


Seriously? What?

Okay, Know Your Meme, I KNOW that you make money off of memes, and I’m cool with that, I would kill to have a job like that. And I appreciate what you do most of the time. It is amazing that you document all this amazing stuff that is on the internet, I like that.

But what I, and many other people DON’T like is you guys MAKING and FORCING memes for money. This shit isn’t a meme, Brad, it is a stupid, lame, and unfunny picture made by either you, Don, or someone else who works at wherever the hell you guys do this.

You guys are becoming even worse than the fucktard BNMs that come on here and make their own so called “memes” the only things that make you even a LITTLE better is that you can use proper grammar.

This isn’t a meme, this is shit, and if this keeps up, I’ll start looking at you guys like shit too.


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