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Ryuki Satzuki I'mJustADamnCentaur
Ryuki Satzuki I'mJustADamnCentaur

Hello there! So you must be new here. This website contains documented memes. Not some painting, but I heard you love painting. Well, I got an optional painting request for you. Well, if you like it or not, but I think it’s recommended I think? Call me Dr Thunder or Ryuki, but whatever you wanted to call me but make sure it’s something nice. And I wanted to paint this:
Well she is disabled, no arms, she use her mouth and feet as hands, but she love arts.
Now, try to paint Rin, I’m not forcing you, I want to show your art. Well, this is optional, you can do it or not.
P.S. I’m not good at grammar. :/ Well maybe a little.


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