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Mexx Android
Mexx Android

Actually no. Though I did come from space, It went something like this….

It was dark night. The desert being cold as usual after night, only predators would be awake at this hour.

Soon there was a glimmer of light coming from the sky. The comet was coming down fast, landing hard on the cold sand. But this comet seemed odd. This comet was solid on the outside but on the inside it was… gelatin’s.

After a few minutes, this comet broke open. And the glowing slime landed everywhere.

A small little android make out with a tiny screen for a head, his optics placed to the sides of his head. His body was made of iron but when he mature, he while have the jelly that was ones inside the comet, soon coursing through his soon made veins. The little android or ’’robot’’ will enter this strange world soon. Let’s just see how long he lasts.

(Amateur writer)


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