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I remember this. Was first posted right after the season 2 premiere (not big surprise)

Honestly, I think it’s a TERRIBLE idea
Discord is at his most awesome when his motivation is the same as the Joker’s from Dark Knight: dicking around for fun. That’s all he needs to be a villain. He has insurmountable power and he uses it to torture mortals for shits and giggles. And when the heroes come to stop him, he curbstomps them without even trying with a huge hammy grin on his face. What’s his reason for doing this? What motivation does this unstoppable embodiment of chaos have for inflicting such horrors? He has none! We are literally PLAYTHINGS to him!! Horror AND awesomeness in one package

Perfect villain material

Giving him a Freudian Excuse shits all over that. Now there’s less horror, less room for hammy villain awesomeness, less room for swag villain style… there’s just les to him. Another spurned lover. That’s all he becomes. Now, instead of us being simultaneously scared and awestruck by him, we’re spending time feeling sad for him

That’s not what Discord is about


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