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I hadn’t looked in the Site-Related forum in a while, and I saw that I missed your thread on requiring some sort of IQ test. While it sounds like a good idea, and I understand what you were legitimately trying to accomplish, I have my own view on this matter.

While I myself have been tested to have genius-level IQ (although like many commentors in the thread I don’t believe this means anything significant) I have known many people of below-average IQ that have useful and interesting contributions to make to the world. I used to work as an editor on a newspaper staff, and there was this one reporter who was great at finding interesting stories and putting the information together, but her grammar was atrocious to the point that her early drafts were near-gibberish. It was a pain in the ass to edit her stories, but I believe the paper would have been far inferior without her contributions nonetheless.

What I’m saying is, yes I know dealing with “dumb people” or whatever someone wants to call them is a pain, but in the end, that’s why we have editors. I just wanted to say I appreciate what you were trying to do, even though I disagree in the end.


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