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Kim Jong Is Swaggin
Kim Jong Is Swaggin

If there was a solid proven test for maturity/wisdom, then I’d use that instead.

I had this idea at one point that if I had my way, I’d make it that only people with a certain IQ can vote for their political party, or even running for elections. but of course, it would be quite terrible leaving out the people with low IQs yet are still well knowledged on politics or understand what is needed to properly organize a city/state/country.

…yet if a country adopts this idea, how are people going to complain?
“hey that’s not fair! this country is ruled by people with a high intelligence quotient!!!!”

but seriously, maturity test, if this happens then it would be GENIUS
no one wants that immature asshole that’s making brand new accounts and filling KYM with garbage entries
no one wants immature assholes to become politial leaders
no one wants immature assholes


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