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@SuperTrollzor, I do like watching wars but not that often. I don’t really start them that often either.
(I like to watch cats, doing funny stuff. yeah, I’m THAT kind of person)
I used to troll the MLP fanbase but then, I got downright OWNED by the amount.
I became neutral to the show I am not a brony, and I don’t hate it either to attract attention and shit.
I am careful, and aware of things, and I play some things out slowly and carefully.
The survey is not a troll comment, but a reply to Deadpool (user) and wanting some thumbs up, as getting thumbs up is quite amusing, for I do have a history of causing some minor wars, but most of them die out and are not that funny (not on this site). I stopped with the wars, and started an interest into getting thumbs up and replies.
I do not know WHERE THE HELL I get the things with the things that is funny..
Also, on the last note, you are quite nice, and without taking comments on my page to the extreme with profanity and wars. You are quite a good person I got to say.


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