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@Dwarf_Ninjas: That doesn’t discredit the accusations, though. Nyx’s “flaws” mostly the result of her being a victim. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon hate her because they’re bullies, and we’re supposed to hate them, while the good characters all love her.

While it’s still debated in the fandom whether or not Past Sins was well written, I don’t really think it’s up for debate whether or not Nyx could be considered a Mary Sue. You could try to argue that she’s a well done mary sue, but that doesn’t really change the objective facts: she’s a reincarnation of one of the show’s biggest villains who has all of said villains powers, everyone likes her (and the ones who don’t are either mean or scared), visually she looks nothing like a normal character in the show (black Alicorn, wears glasses and clothing, has unusual eyes), she has few character flaws, and most drama involving her happens because someone won’t accept her. She’s also a “cute, friendly, lovable” version of a villain, which is a different trope with negative connotations but here it’s in play.

I’m not going to argue that being a mary sue automatically makes Nyx a bad character, because I have not read Past Sins and probably never will, so it would be unfair for me to fully critique her (I don’t have time and frankly it doesn’t interest me). However, I’ve read enough about it to agree that the Mary Sue argument carries some water.


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