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I don’t think all of you guys are seeing the big picture here. They depict Bronies as Nazis because they go around trying to ponify everything, so that the internet is “one perfect being.” Brolans are extremely militant and are willing to shoot anything they see as a threat. So if you analyze this picture slightly a bit better, you’ll see that both groups will hurt the internet if they keep clashing. Another thing, Bronies, whenever someone insults ponies, why do you get so angry? It’s just a show you like, not your entire life and purpose of living. Brolans, why do you always try to start something? It’’s rude to insult another person because of their preference of a show about ponies. I’m more of a Dolan fan because this meme wasn’t shoved down my throat, like how MLP was from my friend. If I get off as biased, I’m sorry. My Little Pony isn’t that bad of a show, but it is something that doesn’t interest me. Who said a brolan can’t be smart?


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