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Dr. Free Cake Needs More Cowbell!
Dr. Free Cake Needs More Cowbell!

How’s it like being in KYM’s Official Dungeon/Fall-Out Center/Oval Office/Secret Room Beneath Oval Office/Cheap, Smoky Bar/Vatican City Embassy/Beta MineCraft World/The Secret Room In Hermione’s “Alahamora!” Lesson By Clicking On The Armor/Heaven/Platus’s Thinking Corner/A Box? Pretty swank, is it not? You’ll notice that not only does the carpet in Platus’s Thinking Corner matches the chandelier, but also the drapes match the bead-sheets,(He meant to say "Bed-sheets.) if you know what I mean. (And then they all f***ed. Oh, uh, if we ever have another spirit week, I’m gonna’ be you, most definitely!)


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