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Jackal Lantern
Jackal Lantern

Hey Cap’n! I was checking through the meme research when I came across someone asking about a possible YTPMV meme regarding Rainbow Tylenol remixes. But since I’ve never covered a YTP meme, I’m not sure if it’s spread is large enough because I’ve never really dealt with the numbers. I know that there are definitely variants out there, though. If it’s got a chance of being confirmed, I want to start working on the entry. I just neeeded someone to double-check the numbers and such to verify this was ready for an entry.

I realize this doesn’t fall under the typical duties of Tikibar manager, but I didn’t know who to ask since there are, like, five or so different types of Mods now. >_> So, also, if you could tell me who I SHOULD contact next time I have an issue like this, I’d appreciate it!


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