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Yeah right, you are (sarcasm) behind multiple proxies.
I’m invincible to bronies because I probably know more about them and their behavior more than any other brony. That is why most brony trolls as I call these actions, “fall into traps” and become a brony after their first troll comments because a brony said to them love and tolerate or something like that.
“Go to hell for liking a show”-a typical brony excuse towards trolls.
The main reason why I troll bronies is not because I am suffering any kind of stress. I just suffer stress on this site because it’s where they make me mad the most. The real reason for trolling you all is revenge. Revenge from the stress given to me by the pics.
I don’t really care about the memes, but there are kinda a bit too many. It’s the pictures that make me rage.
Well yeah, I do accept the fact that I can be trolled. But not by bronies. Once again, why? You said it, my knowledge of bronies is too damn high.


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