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I swear to God DeadParrot, as soon as I finish my interdimensional portal to Equestria, the first ponies I bring through are going to be Dash and Scootaloo, and I will PLASTER this page everyday with pictures of me hanging out with them.

Hey Deadparrot, me, Dash, and Scoots hanging out at the pier.

Hey Deadparrot, check it out, Dash is trying to play my guitar, you can’t hear the picture, but I think you can tell how well that’s going from Scoots’ expression. LOL!

Hey Deadparrot, just a picture of me taking the girls out for icecream. Scootaloo’s favorite flavor is strawberry in case you were wondering.

Hey Deadparrot, just a pic of Dash and Scoots watching TV. They asked me why I keep taking all the pictures. I told them it’s for a good friend :)


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