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Joe Amethyst
Joe Amethyst

Well, I think Spike seems like he’s older is because of the two mares he hangs around the most.
Twilight, an extremely intelligent book worm.
And Rarity, a sophisticated high class unicorn.

Twilight is very wise, while Rarity knows a lot of fancy and big words. This rubs off on Spike, making him seem older.

I don’t deny that he’s about 13-15. My friend and I were discussing this earlier. Of how old Spike might be.
We took into account the age of which Twilight would have been trying to enter the school of magic, (we thought of it to be the equivalent of Kindergarden) so she would have been about 5 or 6. Spike’s hatched.

We then thought, hm, hold old does Twilight seem now, and the same with Rarity?

We figured that Twilight was anywhere from 16-19, while Rarity seemed like the oldest of the mane six, at anywhere from 19-22.

So, that would make Spike anywhere from 11-14.

Maybe at 11 Rarity wouldn’t be getting at him, but 14 is pretty far into a man’s puberty. Although, I’m much taller and different now than three years ago when I was 14.

Either way, we deduced that Spike being 14 and her being in her early twenties could make a possible relationship, but it would stay quiet until he’s older.


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