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Blue Screen (of Death)
Blue Screen (of Death)

You are quite right my feline friend. I am well aware of General Crozier, in fact he is the reason this whole thing started.

Me and X-singular always knew that the profile walls had more freedom to express HTML. We were goofing around with scripts on our walls before Crozier showed up. But we didn’t know the full extent at which we could do this. Then X found this Crozier guy and told me about him. Cozier showed how far one could go

We analyzed his code and figured out what he did. Funny thing is I’m not sure if Cozier actually realized what he had discovered. He just copied a 4chan template, stuffed it in his profile then called it a day. Did he understand what he just did? I’m doubtful. There was no evidence of intelligent programming on his profile, just code abuse.

Me and X on the other hand knew exactly what was going on. As programmers we understood the full potential of Croziers discovery and we decided to demonstrate what it could do when used properly by actual web developers.

So Cozier was the first to discover the ability, but me and X were the first explorers of it.


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