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Dr. Free Cake Needs More Cowbell!
Dr. Free Cake Needs More Cowbell!

I am nowhere near a hardcore gamer, so the newest console I have is the Wii, which I, #FWP indeed, pretty much never use because IT SUCKZ. Of course, sly ol’ dog Nintendo is, they always put the best new games only on the new console, so if you wanna’ play Super Smash Brothers _____ or Mario Kart ____, you gotta’ buy the newest system. Thus, I will have a WiiU when it comes out, probably for my birthday. I’ll just put it out there, I am a Nintendo guy. I LIKE KID’S GAMES. I suck at games, don’t like realistic violence, prefer light-hearted humerous games to heavy, dark ones and would rather not go through all the trolling I’ve heard about when it comes to online games for Play Station 3 or XBox. After all these years, the good ol’ Gamecube is my Companion Cube. My FPS is Battlefield Play4Free on the computer, because anything I would have to shell out 60 clams for is not worth it in my mind for this style of game. Though it is growing on me…and a quick word of the wise, to the wise; beware having a video at the button of your discription. It overlaps the comment when I try to type, which is usually fine, but if the most current comment on your wall, like it is now for me, is also a video, then it gets a tad tricky to write big-ish comments. TL:DR I like Nintendo. I like you. I play Battlefield Play4Free. Having a video at the bottom of your description and at the top of your wall makes commenting hard. Yeah. PEACE.

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