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Jostin Asuncion
Jostin Asuncion

Yeah, I pretty much figured that out earlier. (Don’t blame me, I’m tired. Had a busy week) I guess some sites can often times be faulty regarding post dates.

Snooping around though, it seems that his excessive popularity, began around two years ago on FA when he had gotten one of his songs to break 1000 views. That song was Radioactive Rats, a Portal remix. After that, some of his other songs passed 1000 views as well including in order, Homosexual Love Scene [Hands Up [Your Shirt] Remix], Marble Town, and Sergalingus. He entered a small state of equilibrium for a while until he submitted John Freeman (which he uploaded two years ago). So, I guess it’s safe to say it all started 2 years ago on FA.


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