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That’s pretty much what I said, Will… it is not a form of technology perfected for use; it’s experimental/theoretical. Here:

As of July 2010, the largest experiment by means of magnetic confinement has been the Joint European Torus (JET). In 1997, JET produced a peak of 16.1 megawatts (21,600 hp) of fusion power (65% of input power), with fusion power of over 10 MW (13,000 hp) sustained for over 0.5 sec. Its successor, ITER, was officially announced as part of a seven-country consortium.[1]ITER is designed to produce ten times more fusion power than the power put into the plasma. ITER is currently under construction in Cadarache, France

See, the best run so far only produced 65% of input power… so it produced less power than it required to sustain the half-second run of fusion. Of course, they hope to eventually produce one that makes ten times more power than the requirement to sustain, but that is simply an ideal they hope to achieve; who knows if they have the science to make that happen. They don’t YET, that is clear.


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