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I’m not much of a plushie person, but I’ll keep the name in mind if someone wants a gift or something.

And I think I’ll read it today after I get some errands done. This is my first day off without any responsibilities, so I can do all of the stuff I wanted to. And I’d like to have some material for my Scootaloo headcanon. However, I’m no writer of fiction, so take any feedback with a few grains of salt.

And yeah. The mane hall was annoying to me and opspe especially. We couldn’t hear Coder for the most part, but I’m glad you guys were able to hear us and you enjoyed it. Thanks. We’re wanting to have the survey out and and the write-up done by the time Season 3 starts (and perhaps before our classes start.) We have the survey template ready. We just have to add more items, change a few of the current ones, and then get the survey out there.


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