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Sweatie Killer
Sweatie Killer

“I’m tired of arguing about this sort of stuff. So I’ll try to say this once:

A meme is a fad. An internet meme is, in my personal opinion, a meme that has been put in a different context on the internet, or is a more prevalent on the internet than in other forms of media.

Therefore, most of our submissions are memes. By definition. However, memes become confirmed based on “notability and impact.”

Now, about OMG. “OMG,” as an initialism, originated on the internet. Someone saw this phrase and passed it on. Then, a lot of internet users started using OMG. Therefore, there is “memetic spread” of OMG.

The other issue: “OMG” is not exactly the same as “LOL.” OMG stands for “Oh My God,” a phrase that has been used in other media before the internet, as opposed to “LOL,” which was started on the internet.

It’s also different from other internet slang like TTYL or BBL because saying bbl on the internet is literally no different than saying “Be back later” in normal speech (brb, on the other hand, has produced some image/other derivatives, so its debatable).

So then, the question for me becomes: Has OMG been used differently on the internet than it would be used in regular speech? Is OMG associated as an internet phrase or as a normal phrase?

It’s debatable. And it’s definitely worth documenting, since OMG is a huge part of internet culture."

I think its a meme from china too.


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