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Millennial Dan
Millennial Dan

In answer to your recent question about Obamacare, there are a couple of things I’d like to find out more about. How true is it that the UK’s economy, and especially the national budget, are on somewhat shaky ground these days? And if the current yearly deficit continues, how will that impact your nationalized health care? Can the UK continue to afford all of its programs? Can taxes be raised high enough to pay for them? And why is it even considered alright to be coerced into every little program the government favors in the first place?

This is not about Obama. This is about us not wanting our government to force an expensive program that we disapprove of down our throats.

Here in the States, people are not refused medical attention based on financial position. They may rack up a lot of debt if they require major procedures and lack insurance, but that is perfectly just, since we are all responsible for our own lives. That’s the difference between independence and dependence. We like having a choice. Obamacare is all about making our choices for us.


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