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There is a time and a place for ponies and pony-related discussions-- namely, pony-related videos, images, threads, etc. One of the many problems I have with ponification is that posting a ponification pic in a non-pony image gallery is that it always ALWAYS heralds the coming of a shitstorm. And as soon as there’s a pony-related arguments, the trolls, flamers, and griefers will be on both entries like flies to a corpse, and the entry just becomes a sad, sad little place.

The main problem I have is with the bronies who believe that ponies should be somewhere in EVERY entry, and ALWAYS bring them up no matter what the entry has to do with them. No, in all honesty, there are very few things that do NEED “more ponies”. And these are always the kinds of bronies who think that if you don’t agree with their viewpoint you’re a “B1TCH D1CK F4GG0T 1NT0L3R4NT H4T3R OMGOMGOMGOMG” and nobody likes those kind of people, not even other bronies.

Case in point:
Bringing up the subject of ponies, positively or negatively, in completely unrelated threads or entries is more trouble than it’s worth. And we can all breathe easier as soon as it stops.


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