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Twins the Serendipitous Serval
Twins the Serendipitous Serval

Oh, well don’t feel too bad, I’m not actually one either. I was actually born in Vancouver and didn’t move over to Newfoundland until I was 12., and I’ve been in California for the past few years for university. Yet still, I find myself identifying as a Newfoundlander above all else. I guess it kind of makes me feel special.
But hey, at least we can represent!
My profile is pretty awesome, isn’t it? It’s so much better than BSOD’s, who, by the way, made the original HTML code that I stole and then edited. You can ask him for some pointers if you need it or if you’re somewhat familiar with HTML, you can view the source of his page and steal the code yourself. Just remember to give him some credit.


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