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Mexx Android
Mexx Android

Okay not going continuing the idea:
I already talked about the mods, now it’s time for “spirit animal”. The spirit animal is given to the mod unlock his special ability and serve as a guide for help as well. This spirit animal ranges, again, from anything, though the most common representation of a spirit animal is animal. Example: You have a teal deer and RandomMan has a rabbit. But the don’t have to always be animals, sometimes and can item be a spirit animal(Teh Brawler has Burger King and Jack Candle has an orange) and this goes to anthropomorphic people as well (Oclaf has his pen and Mister J has, uh, gun?)

But since you are connected with your spirit animal, sometimes if not all the time, parts of the appearance and personality might physically appear on the person(mod). You have antlers on your head because of your spirit animal.

Hope this wasn’t confusing.


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