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No offense to you at all, but I’m not much for threads like the one you posted. As such, I wanted to give my thoughts on your wall.

Yeah, you don’t post a ton in the forums, but I enjoyed playing mafia with you and watching your posts (because I watch everyone’s posts.) Like RF, I’m sad that you’re considering leaving, but there come points in life where being on KYM in the same capacity isn’t feasible anymore or people just don’t want to for their own reasons.

I do fear that once I move back home that I’ll be hanging out with my friends a lot more, so between that and a full-time job (and other things that I normally do when I’m not stressed with school,) that I may not having time to be active on KYM anymore.

But even if that happens, I wouldn’t leave the site. I’d just let some users know about my new situation, and let them know that I wouldn’t be on as much. I don’t see why you must leave or deactivate your account. You can always just post when you see something and lurk about otherwise (until you don’t really want to anymore,) but I do understand that there may be more reasons behind you leaving than not having as much time.


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