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Katie C.
Katie C.

[01:27] Your faggot ass?
[01:27] That’s hilarious.
[01:27] Why so rude?
[01:28] “Oh, he’s so mean to me! Bawww! Nobody likes you because you’re so meaaan!”
[01:28] I’m spposed to act that way.
[01:29] “I’m going to kick you because I like to break the rules and I’m an annoying ass feminist! Bawww!”
[01:29] I’m not braking the rules, and also, feminists are good people.
[01:30] I’ll tell you who nobody likes; you.
[01:30] Not true.
[01:30] Mellow, Snorlax, Jostin, Kytosai, Morgan
[01:30] Must I go on?
[01:30] I don’t believe that.
[01:31] I was on Skype.
[01:31] I heard them.
[01:31] I don’t believe your lies.
[01:31] Shit, even Shadowfury has said you are mentally unstable.
[01:31] I’ll xpose you for what you are.
[01:31] Which is?
[01:33] Yeah, I sure am lying.

I didn’t ban him for no reason. I banned him because he’s been harassing me for days. That log was from the 22nd. If you can’t listen to both sides before judging, you shouldn’t be judging.


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