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Epyc Wyn
Epyc Wyn

RWJ removed the like system from the comments section so no one could say anything negative about his show, he removed the comment question of the day and replaced it with these crappy Skype calls, he used to be fun to watch and had some relatively funny jokes but now they’re all crap and it is painful to watch his show now because he now only shows diluted, boring, unoriginal videos comprised mostly of some rednecks doing stupid stuff or some animals doing something cute or stupid, he created YFM which was genuinely good at first but now is entirely comprised of crappy songs and he’s probably the equivalent of a PG Tosh.0. People should stop watching his show all together because of all these idiotic moves he’s made in the past but he still gains almost 1-2 million views per video he sh*ts out and there are still tons of likes for what he calls ‘humor’.


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