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I’ve seen the first two seasons of this show. I’ve never slept for a good amount of time.
I’ve seen the third season, (Rei, consisting of 5 OVA’s), and it was a good closure of the series.
But then enter Kira. I know it’s nice to do something for a 10th anniversary, but not in that manner (YouTube it).
Either way, /a/ & /b/ does make a lot of references to this show when it was airing, where there were some threads that contained nothing but NIPPA! (similar to the DESU spam). So yes, this series did sprouted out memes as created on 4chan.
+1 confirm
+1 work

For those of you that don’t understand this; go look up archived /a/ threads, & spend some time on that thread as well. THEN you’ll get a grasp on things.


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