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I’m not sure if you’re serious, so I’ll assume you are.

JFF isn’t /b/. It’s not an “Everything and anything goes” type of thread.
JFF threads aren’t justified by the fact that they are for fun. It’s up to the moderation to determine if a thread should stay open. Between other users who suggested that thread be locked (including another moderator) and the fact that it couldn’t spawn any cooperative discussion or even light-hearted banter (because it didn’t have a topic or a realy focal point,) I didn’t hesitate to lock it.

Actually, most of Kipp’s threads could have been locked either due to being derail fodder/easily derailed, having little point, or because they were redundant.

Feel free to continue your complaints though. I don’t see myself reopening the thread or apologizing to Kipp (because I already warned him about certain kinds of thread on his wall,) but I welcome you to try and understand what I and the other moderators think and why we do what we do.


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