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Maiden Heaven
Maiden Heaven

I know I should’ve wrote this a while ago… My new autoplay song is Doncamatic by Gorillaz (‘Gee I wonder if Slinky likes the Gorillaz. Hurr Durr.’) featuring Daley, a rather unknown British soul singer and songwriter who does a beautiful job with the vocals, if I might add. Now, the interesting bit of this song is that it was made months after the album it corresponds to, Plastic Beach, given to the fact that Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn of blur wanted to have a single that would actually play on the radio.

From an interview: “I just wanted to make a pop song; I just wanted to get back on the radio. I was just fucked off no-one was playing me on the radio. When Melancholy Hill came out in England, Radio One said ‘Oh no we are trying to keep our core audience under thirty’ and I was like well ‘fuck you then!,’ and radio two said ‘Oh no this is way to edgy for our over 30 audience’, so I found myself totally barred from radio and I was like, that’s not fair.”

And so Doncamatic was born. Well this is all for this tidbit of this autoplay song…


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