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Twins the Serendipitous Serval
Twins the Serendipitous Serval

See, I told you I had a good taste. In music I mean.

Yeah, MGMT is really weird. Radiohead even more so, but they make it sound awesome. I’ve never heard a band that sounds anything like them. That’s how unique Radiohead is in this world of derivative and repetitive pop (and rock) melodies. They’re really abstract (in a good way) and deep, and every one of their songs has a meaning and a message.

Franz Ferdinand is cool. It’s nice to have some British bands that aren’t English once in a while. Weezer? I don’t really like what they’ve been putting out recently, but Pinkerton was sheer genius. I wish they’d go back to that sound instead of trying to (crappily) emulate the Blue Album, which totally doesn’t work because they’re singing about the same things, except being like 20 years older. As for Coldplay, they’re decent, I suppose. I really like Parachutes and Viva la Vida, but the rest of their discography is rather meh.

A girl liking Pink Floyd? Well, they’ve got Pink in their name. Why not?

Be sure to check out The xx, who have a new album coming up in a month or so, the New Radicals, who’s sole album ranks up there as one of my favourite of all time, and Stars, because Canadian..


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