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@ Caencel

C’mon, if Michael Bay made them, he’d have Darkwing overrealistic, Negaduck as an Alien disguised as a duck and EXPLOSIONS!!! Dexter’s Lab would have had Dexter as a geeky teenager with a “sexy” Deedee and her friends as racist stereotypes (Not to mention the black one dying), the robots would look like Transformers, and EXPLOSIONS!!! And I think he would not give a fuck about Phoenix Wright. But but let’s say he WAS dragged into it, he’d give Phoenix Wright a black rapping sidekick, have to deal with pedophiles, and EXPLOSIONS!!! It’s not a pattern too difficult to notice. Overall, the jokes in this comic would’ve been fairly funny by themselves, but are nothing like Michael Bay’s style.

TL,DR: The jokes in this comic are too obtuse and absolutely nothing like Micheal Bay and I’m surrounded by sheeple.


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