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Mack TheUnoriginal
Mack TheUnoriginal

I certainly believe that God has an active role in individual lives. My reason for being Calvinist, though, is in response to the question, “who is sovereign in the universe?” The belief comes from Jesus saying “You did not choose Me, but I chose you.” Further, I don’t think salvation itself is the end goal of Christianity; I think that the Glory of God is. God is the basis of God’s actions, because He is the beginning and end of all things, not mankind. If salvation were dependent on men, man would be ruling God. And since man is totally depraved, he NEEDS God to be able to be saved. God has to take the first step because we are dead. The dead can’t raise themselves; God has to light the fire.

Anyway, that’s a general overview of my version of Calvinism. I know you didn’t ask about it, but there it is anyway. I get the whole “God not wanting robots” thing, too. I think there is a degree of choice (sort of) because I think we’re required to surrender to Him.



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