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Mack TheUnoriginal
Mack TheUnoriginal

And ultimately, I believe that a totally depraved man, when shown by God (again, God had to take the first step in the process of Salvation) how empty he really is, and how glorious God in Christ’s sacrifice is, will have no other choice to make but the acceptance of Christ. There is no other choice because none other is needed. Faith is not necessarily a cold edict of a harsh ruler but a gift. It isn’t the by-product of a choice I have made because I am powerless to choose God left on my own. It’s wholly the gift of God, who saved a totally dead man.

So there’s my Calvinist theory. Sorry if it got too technical, and please understand that I know I could be wrong. But this makes the most sense to me. Thoughts? Specifically, what do you make of total depravity and irresistible grace? And further, why?


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