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Mack TheUnoriginal
Mack TheUnoriginal

Well, I already flooded Brawler’s wall, so don’t feel like you can’t flood mine. Can’t say I wouldn’t deserve it.

Anyway, to use the same example I gave Brawler, I think we DO have some degree of choice; for example, I don’t think God FORCED me to go eat at Denny’s the other day. But He was certainly sovereign over that decision. Though He may not have actively made me go, He still ALLOWED me to go. And that’s how I think a lot of the world works, actually. God is sovereign over everything, including all the calamities of the world.

Getting back to the individual, though, there are really two doctrines that made me rethink my theology: first, the total depravity of man, and second, the idea of irresistible grace. I think that man is not marred by sin, but killed by it. We are “dead in our sin” as Paul puts it- and a dead man can’t bring himself back to life. That’s why I think God has to take the first step in the process of Salvation, because we can’t do a darn thing about it. We can’t justify ourselves through a decision; God gives the gift of faith-and thereby life-without our input, and not because He doesn’t care what we think, but because we’re totally helpless without Him.


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