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Vinyltavia Octyscratch
Vinyltavia Octyscratch

to a mr. THE_EPIC_KING
you are by far… One of the biggest crytit toolbags I’ve yet to encounter on the internet… You expect people to agree with things you say, yet you don’t have the balls to come to my page and tell me you’re own opinion on how and why you believe the things you do… even better, you deleted my non-passive unagressive post on your wall of why people disagree with you… It’s because you’re kinda being an ignorant child about things… It’s okay not to like things, but A) Don’t be a dick. B) Don’t cry about things that people like that you don’t like; you just look stupid in the end. C) I hope you visit my wall and see this… because there’s not a damn thing you can do to make me remove it.



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