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I’m absolutely positive that you, Patrick, and Brawler have given it more thought than me. I have a friend who’s in seminary who would be better suited for that topic, but I’m not opposed to discussing my own thoughts.

My own take on God and religion stems from the fact that I don’t think the world is truly random. I don’t think that so much order, even created by humans, came from nothingness. I can never be sure what is true, but my own weird concept of individual consciousness makes me think we have personal responsibility for our actions (which leads me to believe in free will.)

From there, I choose to believe in the teachings of Christ. Part of it, admittedly, is because it’s the only faith I’ve been exposed to. But I find that there is something appealing to devoting your life to a cause beyond your own and all others’, and to doing something (or not doing something) even though you wouldn’t normally make that decision yourself.


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