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Twins the Serendipitous Serval
Twins the Serendipitous Serval

Yeah, the Wonderbolts ending was sort of unexpected. If anyone else did it, it would be horribly forced and fairytale like, but the way you wrote it was just so fitting and joyous that I couldn’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I highly doubt that the Wonderbolts would actually start a non flying branch just so they could induce Scootaloo into it, since, you know, they’re known for being amazing flyers and all, AND you’d think that would get shut down faster than Qwikster did. A different ending would make more sense to me, but I can accept artistic license in this case.
Rainbow Dash teaching a lesson, while simultaneously learning one of her own? Yeah, I see how well that dynamic works. Perhaps Fluttershy could be more of a supporting character in that episode, helping both Rainbow overcome her lack of maturity, and Scootaloo overcome her lack of flight prowess (more so morale support). Rainbow Dash wouldn’t be able to do it herself after all, since the last time she needed to be taught a lesson, it required the involvement of all five of her friends (hopefully this one will be written a lot better though). And I just find Flutterscoots to fit so much better. Scoots’s idolization of Rainbow Dash is clearly a bit misplaced, after all.


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