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Mack TheUnoriginal
Mack TheUnoriginal

I’ve considered watching Gurren Lagann a time or two before, but a certain female character and her…uh, assets would probably keep me from really embracing the show. It’s just hard for me to take a character seriously who’s so obviously fanservice driven. Unless, of course, she pulls a Faye Valentine and ends up being a pretty deep character. Also, I fear the “Gainax Ending,” which I’ve heard is in full force by the end of the series. From what I understand, FLCL’s ending is the only even remotely comprehensible conclusion they’ve come up with. And considering how FLCL turned out…that’s really saying something.

I’ve also heard that the manga was far, far darker than the show was, but if I see a copy that’s relatively inexpensive, I’ll certainly give it a shot.

On a parting note, I’d just like to say that the feels in FLCL are a little more raw than in Cowboy Bebop, so while I LOVE Cowboy Bebop, (and I mean freakin adore it) I still like FLCL better. But it’s just barely that way. Here’s a tough question: which series do you think has a better soundtrack?


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