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I do like music anime, but the problem is finding one that isn’t soaked with fanservice… (cough NTTAWWT cough) K-On! was a nice slice of life but it was Mio that made the show for me. (I think I just have a thing for bassist girls, myself being a bassist after all.)

So did you not enjoy Elfen Lied? I actually quite liked it, though there’s NO arguing that it’s a dark anime, possibly the opposite of a moeblob show like K-On! or MLP; FiM. (Although, if you like moeblob slice of life anime, I only got to watch the first two episodes of Acchi Kocchi, but it was so cute I HNNNNNNNNNGH’ed for a week… It might even help get Elfen Lied off your palate!)


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