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Sorry, I didn’t mean it.
if your original video on your desktop is rejected from NND for bit rate error, the easiest way I thought is downloading the video already uploaded to YouTube by “Download MP4” option which provides in “Video Manager” page, and re-uploading it to NND. That’s because YouTube always converts the file format and bit rate of submitted videos before publishing.


NND’s video hosting service is so poor. though they can be accepted 100mb videos, those are converted to very low quality for publishing. To avoid this bad server-side re-encoding, we had better upload our videos by MP4 format. It’s a one of the tips of NND:)

Official Recommended Setting for Normal users
File format: MP4 or FLV*
Max bit rate (audio+video): 600kbps
Max file size: 40MB
Video size: 512×384px (SD), 640×360 or 640×384 (Wide)

*we don’t have to choose such an old format.

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