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Dick on a Chalkboard
Dick on a Chalkboard

Well, you were the one who uploaded the image.

By the way, the link to that fan fiction story was previously posted by another user. I simply relayed it to you so you’d know.

By the way, it appears you don’t have the greatest reputation for being “jolly”. If you need anything, just ask. I’m serious. Tell me what’s on your mind and I can really help you out. I’ve learned from experience what it’s like to be in turmoil or be psychologically scarred. My parents have been through 2 divorces, I’ve been been jipped by a goony black guy who was once a friend of mine, and then some. I’ve helped out quite a few people in my life and around the net. People I don’t even know, and some probably never will. Being able to acknowledge someone’s grief without any direct emphasis is a true gift for me, and has payed off very well.

Just take this as advice; don’t get all worked up over something you see on the Internet. Jimmy rustling, cyber bullying, threats… walk away and know that you are fortunate to be able to turn off your computer. End of story.


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