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I have few things I’d like to point out…

- Mandalore did not beat Darth Nihilus alone. He had Jedi Exile and Visas Marr helping him.

- Darth Nihilus, in my opinion, was much stronger than Vader. I mean, Nihilus could commit planetary extinction all by himself. And in the final battle against him, Nihilus had to be weakened twice (First time, when he tried to feed off the Exile and second time, when Visas disrupted a force bond between her and Nihilus) before he was defeated.

- The Force exists in all things. Just because Boba is not force-sensitive, doesn’t mean that Nihilus can’t feed off him. Although, the fact that Boba is not force-sensitive, gives him an advantage, in that Nihilus would not be able to sense him.

I would still say Boba could win, if he avoided direct confrontation with Nihilus and played it smart…


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