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You may find this if we have conversations like this (being sick didn’t help,) but I don’t always respond very quickly with things that require a lot of thought. Heck, if it requires a little thought, I may put it off.

And if I haven’t responded to the first question yet, then all others ones won’t be answered either until the first one is. And it kinda just snowballs into an odd cycle of anxiety-induced procrastination.

I can’t really follow the conversation with you and Patrick/Brawler now. A lot was said back and forth, it seems. In undergrad, I read Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, and I found a lot of interesting points in it. Nothing I hadn’t thought of before, but no one had questioned my faith simply out of being considerate. After that, I wanted to believe in God, but I really didn’t. A state of not caring about anything followed until I began speaking with my parents and older relatives on the matter. Along with continuing to read the Bible when I felt like it along with re-realizing a sense of personal responsibility, I began to believe in God and a divine Jesus Christ again.


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