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Mack TheUnoriginal
Mack TheUnoriginal

I really shouldn’t be surprised. Both of my parents went to Auburn, so there is where my collegiate loyalty lies. Being from the south, I’m fiercely loyal to my team. And yes, I know that they just finished losing to Clemson (FRAISER WHY) but I still love them. A whole freaking lot.

I’m a loyal Braves fan as well, though I hate to say they lost to Philly 5-1. I was at that game. It wasn’t a very good night for me, sports-wise.

Oddly enough, my favorite NFL team is the Indianapolis Colts. For some odd reason my residential area always broadcasted Colts games, so watching them every Sunday to get a quick non-collegiate football fix between Saturdays slowly grew into loyalty. At first, I was in it for the Manning (PEYTON WHY) but that’s not really an option anymore. So…yeah. I like sports. We like the same sports. We even like the same team in one sport. We should talk about sports more.


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