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amanda b.
amanda b.

I think this is a really great submission because Walls of Texts are incredibly popular around the internet and have been for years. This probably dates back to listservs and newsgroups although I haven’t done any research into it, I’m just guessing. I bet people did not want to read walls of text back then either. I would look at the Google Groups archive of newsgroups to see if there’s any hits there. Every time I type newsgroups my fingers want to type newgrounds? That is really weird. I make a lot of weird typos like that, for example, nearly every single time I type “Huffington Post” my fingers want to type “Huggington Post.” Could you imagine that? A whole newspaper on hugging! It would be full of kittens and pandas and fuzzy koala bears hugging each other or people. I like to hug my cat. My cat doesn’t really like to be hugged though. She will scratch me and it sucks since I am allergic to my cat and I will break out in hives. True story. Anyway, back to walls of text. +1 work.


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