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Yeah…Auburn’s sorta a mortal rival. However, I did attend a pass camp for football during high school. It was a good time. I’m a graduate of UGA and Georgia is the only FBS team native Georgians have (who’s “Georgia Tech?”), so I have a long-running love for the Bulldogs, but I can’t blame anyone else for loving their own team.

I’m watching Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III very closely. I’d like to see how Luck progresses and develops as a professional quarterback, but despite the Week 1 loss, he looks really good. Composed.

@Samurai Champloo (and Nujabes)

Hm. I really liked the show, but I stopped watching after a while. I know I’ve seen several episodes. It was the first foreign music I bought: the soundtrack from it.

@Crack Down
Not specifically. I think there are times when moderators begin to feel like users are taking a few too many liberties (we don’t always enforce rules to keep the atmosphere of the forum light). Sometimes, we just get annoyed with some users. My option is to leave the forum alone for a couple of days. Others, lock more often.

I don’t think any of the forum moderators would say that they are completely objective in regards to what gets locked and when. For better or worse.


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