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Mack TheUnoriginal
Mack TheUnoriginal

Trust me, I feel the same way about Georgia. But, at this point, there’s not a lot of hope for AU, and that’s what’s holding my attention. We, suck, Verbose. Auburn is terrible, and 1-4 looks to be the best we’ll do during the first five games. And the one “cupcake” team we’re playing…upset Arkansas last Saturday.

Crap, man, we’re doomed.

Getting away from that which causes me the most pain, the Colts were too sloppy on defense for me to be anywhere near confident in anything but Luck. (I would make a pun, but sports writers beat all of the “luck” puns into the ground the first week Andrew was famous). And Luck threw, what, 3 picks? The only thing giving me comfort is that Peyton’s first start was almost identical- in fact I think the numbers were the same, save Luck having 7 more passing yards or something like that.

Not that I don’t believe you about the mods, but it seems a little odd that at least three (yourself excluded) locked several threads in a relatively short time period. I was just curious as to whether RandomMan had either received or given a call to start being a little more strict; he locked some threads and warned several, mostly in General, that they need to be a little more discussion driven or they’d be locked. I’m not saying he’s even wrong in doing so, it just stood out to me.


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