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Fun Police
Fun Police

Thank you.

(I’m not sure if I should bow to you or something.)

You seem to have really deserved to become a forum moderator. You’ve been pretty on-the-ball about cleaning up the mess. I consistently see stupid/pointless posts I’d like to get rid of.

But that’s beside the point. You seem like a far superior Pretty Cool Guy (becomes KYM dictator and doesn’t afraid of anything) to me, because you’ve been here longer and know the ropes better. But in time, I hope to become a respected user.

Also, I love your forum posts as well. I happen to be a Homestuck fan myself (Aradia, Gamzee and Terezi are best trolls), and I’d like to jump into the Homestuck thread, but I don’t know where to begin, really. It just seems so daunting and huge to me. As for the Pony General thread (which is easily the most populated on the site), I don’t know about that either. How should I go about establishing myself as a Homestuck fan and a brony? (Although I want to avoid being associated with the dumb bronies, if possible. Which it probably isn’t.)


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